Friday, 24 April 2015

What Kim Kardashian wore to the Time’s 100 Gala

       Kim Kardashian’s Outfit to the Time’s 100 Gala The Time’s 100 gala took place on the 21st of April at the Lincoln center in New York. The time’s 100 celebrates the 100 most influential people in the world. In this year’s list, the celebrity couple Kim Kardashian West and her husband Kanye west were honorees.  Kim wore a gorgeous black gown by Sophie Theallet and looked stunning as usual. Here are other lovely pics the celebrity couple;


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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

10 Africa’s Most Exciting Destinations


       Africa is undeniably rich in culture and history.  The continent has many diverse attractions that appeal to people from all over the world. Every day, thousands of people visit these destinations, they come to discover and experience nature and African adventure, historical places and wildlife, and a variety of exciting things to do.
If you are planning to visit a perfect place for a relaxed vacation, here are 10 Africa’s most famous destinations to visit that will turn your vacation into an expedition for the whole lifetime. Travelstarters crafted this list and we think these destinations should be in your bucket list.

1. Capetown, South Africa

South Africa
South Africa is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Africa. The country is pulsating with stunning attractions, wildlife and cultural mix of aboriginal charm and unconventional architecture. Steeped in history, South Africa dazzles visitors with an experience of its olden times and way of life. The country is amazingly beautiful and it rejuvenates and inspires every traveller. There is always something about this destination to indulge all your senses.

2. Nairobi, Kenya

Panoramic view on Nairobi , Kenya.  Africa.
Kenya offers the best of Africa on show, from the African wildlife in its National Parks to the beautiful Diani beach. Kenya offers the best of everything – places with spectacular views, pristine beaches, amazing cultural mix and delicious cuisine. The magical country is a playground for everyone who is interested in discovering the best of Africa adventures. Kenya slackens off inhibitions and put every visitor in a vacation spirit, it surely makes for a heavenly holiday any day.

3. Tanzania

Tanzania is a sanctuary of refinement with rich architectural and cultural heritage. It has repositories of magnificent history, African savannah, scenic beaches and wildlife parks and reserves, as well as a wide range of archaeological and primeval sites. Exotic seafood, exciting coastal activities and luxury places to stay makes Tanzania one of Africa’s most famous destinations.

4. Cairo, Egypt 

Luxor, Egypt
The historic tales and diversity of Egypt make it a famous destination in Africa. The country is overflowing with history and culture, packed with ancient landmarks, monuments and sites. If you like to explore the architecture and existence of the ancient world, a visit to the paranormal land of Egypt will indulge your dreams. From exciting activities to vibrant dining scene, Egypt has something for everyone.

5. Adis Ababa,  Ethiopia

There is never better time not to visit Ethiopia. The country offers travellers an abundance of outdoor adventures, scenic landscapes, flourishing wildlife, historic landmarks and unique culture. If you want to discover the amazing world of the endangered wildlife, you should probably visit Ethiopia.

6. Tunis, Tunisia

Tunisia offers the best of North African culture and warmth. Famous for its Mediterranean beach resorts, delicious cuisine, amazing culture, outstanding sites and desert adventures, Tunisia offers has something to offer everyone.

7. Morocco

Morocco is a destination of ageless history and culture, magnificent architecture and desert adventure. The country is filled with spectacular natural landscapes, African wilderness, magnificent palaces and mouth-watering cuisine. Morocco offers a sense of adventure and a pulsating atmosphere that appeal to every visitor.

8. Gambia

The Gambia is the smallest country and one of the most beautiful destinations in Africa. The country, popularly called the ‘smiling coast’ is famous for its coastal lifestyles and the melodramatic appeal it offers. The country has unique cultural and numinous features, filled with beautiful beach attractions and amazing water sport activities.

9. Zimbabwe

Over the years, Zimbabwe has developed to be one of Africa’s famous destinations. The country is famous for exciting adventure and outstanding scenes of nature including the World’s largest drape of waterfalls, Victoria Falls.

10. Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos Nigeria
     Lagos, Nigeria may not be your usual tourist destination, but the country is famous for many exciting things such as entertainment, business opportunities, arts and culture. Lagos is known to be the economic capital of Nigeria and Nigeria is the economic capital of Africa. The country offers unique cultural architecture, vibrant entertainment scene and cultural festivals, and stunning attractions. Nigeria is a world in Africa! Despite its multi-ethnic mix of culture and people, Nigeria is definitely a place to visit, any time.
What do you think? It is hard not to fall in love with African destinations. What’s your favourite destination in Africa. Share your experience with us in the comment below:
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Tuesday, 21 April 2015


         Its another sunday tomorrow  ladies ,  and you are probably brainstorming on what to wear .
Here are some lovely inspirational pictures that can help. these pictures have been accumulated after i checked out their shoes, gowns, dresses and accessories. I hope you find them helpful. Happy sunday!


Look 2: Ladapo Busayo

Look 4: @stylepantry

Look 5: @officiallulumichale

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Monday, 20 April 2015

Monetization: Why Online Training Brings Quick Money

                Online training is a form of content monetization that has you using your content to coach people in a particular field or niche. It is one of the most popular ways of monetizing your content and generating an online income. Another good thing it has going for it is that it can come in multiple formats.

You can decide to post online courses and tutorials for free access while monetizing the content using ad service companies. In cases such as this, the people do not get to pay you a dime for what you are providing but the traffic that comes to your website becomes a means of generating income because of the ads that are placed on your website.

One of the best ways of having this work for you is to build highly relevant content that they would have otherwise paid for to access. Your platform will keep on growing in popularity as users start to organically promote it hence bring in more traffic.

You can also decide to combine both free and paid to access tutorials. In this type of monetization, you get direct income from the users of the paid while indirect income comes from the free visitors.

You tutorials can come in form of emails, videos, downloadable eBooks and audio books, webinars even online real-time interactive connections. Your online training can take any form or shape. You are only limited by your imagination.
Why Does It Bring In Quick Money?

It is arguably one of the surest ways of monetizing content online. You may have to spend time in the strategic development of the content in question but once you do that, it could be smooth sailing on the way.
It Only Takes One Person To Sign Up And You Start Earning

There are some coaching programs that are designed to be one-on-one coaching while there are those that have been automated such that all the person needs to do is to click on some tabs, pay and the teaching starts. They do not usually pay small change when it comes to one-on-one coaching and you may start earning immediately. The same thing applies to automated tutorials where they have to pay to access the program.
People Already Sense What You Can Deliver

Most times, the people do not need convincing because they have already sensed what you can deliver. This is because they have experienced your content firsthand through what you have posted on your platform. You would have informed them on what the coaching would be about and this is something they will not think twice about paying you for it.

Now monetizing by using ads will have to take some time before you start seeing any meaningful results. Using the services of ad serving platforms like Google Adsense means you would have to build the right traffic for it to start producing the right kind of result. The content may be great but building traffic is a process. The same rule also applies if you are serving direct ads from clients. they too would want to find out the kind of website traffic you are generating. They will not want to place ads on your platform when they are not sure it would have the kind of exposure they desire.

This does not mean that coaching does not have its drawbacks. One of them has to do with available time. One-on-one coaching takes time and you can only make as much as what you are being paid for the period you are engaged in the training. Other forms of coaching, like creating an automated system can counter this because you can literally train thousands of people at once since all they have to do is access the program and start learning.

You may also have to keep improving your training if it is about something that is constantly changing. However online coaching is one avenue that can start producing results the minute you start it. The key to having it work this way is timing. Once you have set up your platform at the initial stage, the next thing would be to build relevant content. You may have a lot of content load them up at once. You still need timing in the area of gaining a degree of following as it were.

Your timing has to be in tune with the right material to offer but the good thing with online coaching products is that you can have it all primed and ready. Once you have built a level of authority you can then go live with it.

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How to make money online in Nigeria (easy ways)

With the unemployment and the low amount of job vacacies in nigeria  today, you don't have to wait until you get a paid employment or solely rely upon your salary as a means of making money. The internet is a platform for you to make money online. 
You can make  money online in nigeria nowadays in the following ways:
Design Graphics and Websites
If you are good at graphics design, and  you can make money online by designing graphics and websites. Search for a site where graphics and designers meet with clients and register with them, so that you can be connected with people that need your service.

Expert Advice

This will work for you if you are a professional in a particular field. You can generate income on the internet by giving expert advice to people that are searching for solution in your field. You can join a question and answer site such as, where people come to ask experts questions  and they pay for the answers they are given. This is another way of earning extra income on the internet, along with your official job and activities.

Freelance Writing

Various websites engage the services of freelance writers, editors and 
proofreaders, on the internet. Examples of online sites that require the service of freelance writers are, and so on.

You can register on websites like,, where freelance writers get connected to clients. You can also search the internet to find websites that are looking for the service of freelance writers, contact them either through mail or whatever process they prescribe. You will be paid according to the service you render. It is simple, easy, less stressful and you will be making more money.

Upload Videos On YouTube

Another way of making money on the internet is by uploading videos on YouTube. This will not happen overnight, it requires that you take some steps that will be listed below.

Open a YouTube account.

Study trends of mostly viewed videos and use your findings in uploading and sharing your videos.

Apply to become an official partner of YouTube by clicking on the creators & partners link on YouTube homepage, in order to enable your account.

Note that, your application to be a partner with YouTube is subject to review. How often you upload videos, the number of videos you upload and the number of views will determine whether you become an official partner of YouTube or not. Also, you must be of age and your videos must be one that can be viewed by all members of the public.

Own a Blog

Another way of making extra cash on the internet is by starting a blog. A blog is a personal website that can be assessed by the public, on which a person posts his or her opinion on a daily basis. It is like a daily journal, a platform to express oneself to the public. A person who uses a blog is called a blogger, while the act of posting something on a blog is known as blogging.
You can log onto or to create a blog of your own. Once you have created your own blog, the next thing to do is to log on to or any other adverts enabling site, in order to feature adverts on your blog. You make money from the number of viewers that click on the adverts featured on your site.

These are some of the ways in which you can make extra cash on the internet and if you do it well and continue on it, the means of extra cash may eventually turn to the main source of income. Online is one of the most beautiful place to do business. Take advantage of it now to create extra income for yourself and your family!

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